Finding Top Heart Specialist in Singapore

Finding a Reliable Cardiologist Heart Specialist Clinic In Singapore

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Did you know that 1 in every 3 deaths that occur in Singapore is due to stroke or heart disease? According to research conducted in the region in 2017, heart disease and stroke accounted for approximately 30.1% of all deaths. The need for good cardiologists in Singapore has never been greater.

Who Are Cardiologists And What Services Do They Provide

Your body comprises several vital systems and organs that you cannot survive without. The cardiovascular system is perhaps the most vital of them. It comprises of mainly the heart and blood vessels. Cardiologists are the health practitioners charged with diagnosing and treating any disease or complication of the heart or the blood vessels in your body. These specialists offer their services from heart specialist clinic situated strategically within the city.

All cardiologists concentrate on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart diseases. However, cardiology is quite a wide and complex filed; therefore, different cardiologists focus on different areas of the field. The different areas of specialty exercised in Singapore include pediatric cardiology, adult cardiology, echocardiography, interventional procedures, and electrophysiology.

Diagnosis and Treatment Process

Heart diseases are usually complex and require very delicate care. The diagnosis often begins with your primary care provider who notices the signs or symptoms of a cardiovascular ailment and refers you to a heart specialist. It is the cardiologist who will provide a complete diagnosis by assessing your symptoms and health history. Your expert might also commend more tests for a positive diagnosis. Usually, your heart expert will suggest medication or other mild treatments. However, if your case is advanced, the expert will recommend surgery and refer you to a cardiovascular heart surgeon.

Cardiovascular surgeons are surgeons who specialize in operating on the heart, blood vessels and lungs as well. Even while under the cardiovascular surgeon, your cardiologist will still be responsible for you.
Apart from treating those with problems, heart specialists also offer consultation services. For instance, if you wish to know your heart disease risk factors, a cardiologist is the ideal expert to consult with. Your heart specialist will assess your situation, determine your risk factors and also advise you on how you can minimize your risk.

When To Consult With A Cardiologist (Heart Specialist) In Singapore

Many people find the need for medical consultation. Such people wait until the situation is dire to seek professional assistance. However, it is always wise to seek a professional opinion whenever you feel unwell or usual: especially if the feeling is to do with your heart or chest cavity in general. While it might be nothing serious it could also be a symptom to a life threating health risk.

Visits to the cardiologist are often recommended by our primary care providers. This is after they notice signs or symptoms that suggest an unhealthy cardiovascular system. Or if he/she think you are at risk due to your medical history or that of your family. For instance, having high cholesterol or blood pressure reading may prompt your primary care doctor to refer you to a heart specialist.

Other than that, symptoms such as breath shortness, angina or chest pains, rhythm disturbances and experiencing cardiac events like a heart attack indicate the need to consult with a cardiologist heart specialist.

How to Choose the Ideal Cardiologist Heart Specialist in Singapore

Even within the same specialty, doctors are different in several ways. They vary in personality, attitude, experience and even medical approach. Therefore, it is paramount that you consider all these aspects and others before choosing a cardiologist.

Your personal/ family doctor is often a good place to start. This person has been working with you and your family for long and he/she knows you well. Therefore, your primary care provider is the best person to ask for recommendations. Since experts often network within their professions, your doctor ought to know the best heart specialist in Singapore.

It is also vital that you choose a board-certified cardiologist. In addition to undergoing the necessary cardiologist training, board-certified experts have to pass several rigorous tests to be admitted. Such practitioners exercise the highest level of patient care and commitment and therefore, are ideal for you.

It is wise to choose a nearby doctor as opposed to one who is far away. Having to drive for long hours to get to your doctor can be hectic and discouraging. If can avoid it please do. However, do not compromise on quality for convenience.

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