What Rail TEC Does

Rail Transportation Excellence Club (Rail TEC) is an educational advocacy organization promoting increased use of commuter rail and rail freight on existing standard gauge railroad track right-of-way.

We promote increased use of commuter rail with increased bicycle commutation as a cost effective method to reduce single occupant automobile travel, which dominates our increasingly suburbanized landscape and culture.

Rail and bicycle use have fewer adverse land use impacts than automobiles. We supports bicycling to and from rail stations and bicycle access on all commuter and passenger trains 24 hours per day seven days per week.

We recommends track and equipment upgrades and schedule designs that incorporate express train service, commuter line extensions, and increased service frequencies. Rail TEC encourages involvement of affected stakeholders so that rail infrastructure project impacts are creatively mitigated to the benefit of local communities.

We advocates hauling freight by rail instead of truck. For trips over 40 miles, transporting freight by train has fewer environmental impacts.

We are a group best known for its efforts to seek access & equity for cyclists on trains, commuter rail, and future high speed rail.

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